Copying images from one lightbox to another.
Sometimes you may wish to add images from one lightbox to another. First, from the pulldown menu in the upper right-hand corner, select the lightbox to which you wish to add images, or create a new lightbox. Now go to "Lightbox Manager" and click on the "View Images" link for the lightbox from which you wish to copy images. When the images appear you will see that under each image you have the option of "add to lightbox". If clicked, it will add the image to your current, active lightbox selected in step one (and displayed in the upper right corner of the page). Note: Adding an image to another lightbox will not delete it from the lightbox it is being copied from.


Keyword search tips.
You can search by image number (e.g. BN1519) or keyword.

When using keywords, remember that:

  1. The search engine uses boolean logic and by default all searches are "AND" searches, meaning the resulting images will contain ALL search terms queried. To search for images with ANY of the keywords, separate them with OR: searching "cat OR dog" will pull up images that either have a cat or a dog in them, or have both. 
  2. By this logic, if you are looking for white cats, but not medical cat scans in black & white, you would enter "white cat NOT scan".
  3. Use parentheses to further refine your search. For example, if you want white cats and white dogs, enter "white (cat OR dog)". If you enter "white cat OR dog" without parentheses, the search returns white cats and dogs of any color.
  4. Use quotation marks to search for specific phrases such as "wild cat", "college student", or "Easter Island". Searching without quotes will bring up any images that include both words in its keyword list, but not necessarily the phrase. So a search for Easter Island that is NOT enclosed in quotation marks could bring up images of an Easter celebration on Long Island as well as pictures of Easter Island. You can also refine such searches by combining the quoted phrase with whatever you don't want to see. For example, if you want big cats but not lions, enter "big cat" -lion.
  5. There is a pull down “Refine” menu next to the “Search” button that allows you to restrict your searches to Rights Managed or Royalty Free images (the default search will look for both types), search by image orientation, and search video clips or still images. On the home page there is also check box to exclude medical images.
  6. Please feel free to contact our researchers if you need help with a search!