We are the U.S. representative of 3D4Medical

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Spectacular 3D images of the human body; intricate, accurate, views of human organ systems, dissected and sectioned to show internal structure, or pictured in place in a realistically modeled body. You've seen these images on magazine covers, medical journals, and television programs. 3D4Medical produces breathtaking computer-rendered 3D images of the human body and all its organs and systems in a stunning array of views and treatments.

The 3D4Medical collection is an outstanding addition to Photo Researchers' Science Source Division. Their images are truly both enlightening and visually engaging, and are unparalleled in their accuracy and attention to detail, illustrating the human body, its organs, systems, and illnesses with outstanding clarity. For stock medical and scientific images, make 3D4Medical and Science Source your first choice!

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We are the U.S. representative of Anatomical Travelogue

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Anatomical Travelogue is a pioneer in creating unique, dynamic images of human anatomy by integrating ultrasound, MRI images and other types of diagnostic scans, photography, and illustration. These hybrid stock photographs are uniquely suited to a wide array of editorial and commercial uses. Through the use of cutaways and overlays the structure of the human body is revealed in amazing detail.

Anatomical Travelogue also specializes in images of fetal development, pregnancy, and birth, and are internationally known for these extraordinary and revealing images. Educational, informative, and beautiful, Anatomical Travelogue offers an unmatched view of the secrets of the human body.

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We are the U.S. representative of Biophoto Associates

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For many years Photo Researchers and Biophoto Associates have partnered to bring specialized science and medical photography to our clients worldwide. Biophoto's extensive collection of macrophotography, photomicroscopy, scanning electron micrography, and other imaging types puts viruses, bacteria, and other organisms into focus.

With doctors, researchers, and photographers providing a wide array of images from zoology, botany and geology to gross anatomy, medicine, microbiology, and pathology, they are able to provide unique images for very specialized requests. 

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We are the U.S. representative of Biosphoto

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One of Photo Researchers' newest partner agencies is France's BIOSPHOTO, a natural history stock photography agency renowned for its comprehensive collection and dramatic visual style. Some of the world's best nature photographers are represented by Biosphoto, and their nature, environmental, and garden images are unrivaled. 

Biosphoto is also known for its images of domestic animals, including a dazzling array of cats, dogs, and horses of both common and rare breeds; they also have a wealth of cultural anthropology, ecology, horticulture, and science photographs.

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We are the U.S. representative of France's BSIP

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Photo Researchers is proud to represent the BSIP image collection, well-known in France and worldwide for its medical and scientific illustrations, health care and lifestyle imagery, research, environmental, and nature stock photography. BSIP aims to show life in all its beautiful complexity, all aspects of the human body and human experience, the wonders of the natural world, science and technology, and the state of the environment. 

The BSIP collection brings additional style and substance to Photo Researchers already exhaustive array of stock science and Nature images. 

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We are the U.S. representative of United Kingdom's NHPA

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NHPA is one of the top British stock photo agencies specializing in nature and wildlife images. Founded by renowned high-speed photographer Stephen Dalton, and now part of Photoshot Holdings Ltd., NHPA represents over 100 of the world's finest nature photographers. 

NHPA's collection comprises animals from A to Z, as well as plants, habitats, environmental issues, extinct species, and much more. With their global coverage as well as their extensive documentation of UK and European wildlife, their collection complements our Nature Source library beautifully, giving our clients access to even more species and behaviors.

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We are the U.S. representative of Germany's Okapia

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For over 30 years Photo Researchers has represented Tierbild Okapia, Germany's premier stock photo agency for nature, wildlife, and science images. Founded by the famous naturalist and author Bernhard Grzimek in 1954 and currently run by his grandson, Christian, Okapia's extensive library of animal, plant, habitat, science, and medical images serves the needs of Germany's many publishers and advertising agencies.

With a special interest in the African wildlife that Bernhard Grzimek devoted his life to conserving, Okapia and its many photographers offers global coverage of natural history subjects, as well as a growing library of science, medical, and technology photography.

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We are the U.S. representative of France's Phanie Collection

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Since 1991, Phanie has been a leading stock photo agency specializing in health and medicine. Based in Paris, their photographers produce a great diversity of imagery, including scientific research, medical and hospital scenes, medical imaging, and diagnostics. Working closely with medical professionals, they are able to photograph the latest technologies, procedures, and treatments, and bring a more reportage-oriented style to our collection.

In addition to medical and scientific images, Phanie has an extensive collection of model-released images covering a wide variety of lifestyle topics including pregnancy, babies and children, couples, and the elderly. From wellness to illness, Phanie offers outstanding photographic coverage.

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We are the U.S. representative of Picture Partners

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Photo Researchers is pleased to represent the Dutch photography studio Picture Partners, which produces the highest quality stock photos for editorial and commercial use. With thousands of model-released lifestyle, health, education, child development, and other images, it is easy to find just the right image for your project. 

Picture Partners emphasis on families, children, daily life, and health and well-being make their stock photographs suitable for many editorial, promotional, and advertising uses. 

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We are the U.S. representative of London's Science Photo Library

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Since 1981, Science Photo Library (SPL) has been the UK's premier source of scientific and medical imagery. Working with top photographers and an array of researchers and science and medical experts, SPL's collection includes outstanding images from the smallest microbes to the vast cosmos. They have also expanded their library to include nature and wildlife images, and a large and growing collection of video footage. 

The SPL collection complements Photo Researchers' own archive of science, medical, technology, and natural history stock photography and video, creating an unsurpassed source of dynamic, beautiful, and hard-to-find images and footage to meet the needs of all of our clients. 

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We are the U.S. representative of Vandystadt - Regards du Sport

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Photo Researchers is a US agent for the French agency Vandystadt-Regards du Sport, which offers one of the largest collections of sports stock photography in the world, with global coverage of professional and recreational sports.

Their photographers capture dramatic and beautiful images of everything from auto racing to baseball, bicycling, mountain climbing, ice skating, soccer, windsurfing and much more! They also have full coverage of Olympic events.

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We are the U.S. representative of WAVE Royalty Free

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The Wave Royalty-Free Collection offers customers looking for royalty-free images a wide variety of lifestyle, nature, and environmental images. Focusing on people, families, sustainable living, and good environmental practices, the Wave collection offers a unique point of view.

Thousands of images are available for royalty-free licensing, in subjects as diverse as leisure sports, agriculture, food, pets, nature, fitness, and family life. Their outstanding collection of model-released photographs makes finding and licensing the right image for your job simple and easy!